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Home Improvement Trends & Statistics In 2021

he pandemic’s lockdowns, shelter-in-place rules, and general lack of anything to do outside of one’s own residence led many people to look at their homes in a new harsh light. Kitchens were less than ideal. Makeshift home offices were ergonomic wrecks. Outdoor spaces failed to offer the respite people suddenly needed. Almost immediately, people started wishing their homes were just a little—or maybe a whole lot—different.

According to the home renovation platform Houzz, many people decided to act on those impulses and invest in minor and major home renovation projects. Its recently released 2021 Houzz & Home Study puts some of these trends into numbers. Based on a survey of more than 70,000 U.S. respondents, the report found that, overall, home renovation projects were up in 2020, with much of the work focused on kitchens, home offices, and outdoor spaces. And these trends look likely to continue in 2021. Respondents report planning similar renovation projects this year as well.

1) Home Remodeling Searches have more than DOUBLED from 2020 to 2021

We analyzed search trends for home owners searching for remodeling, kitchen remodeling and general contractors for home improvement and found that search volume has doubled since the pandemic started.

2) Kitchens remain the most renovated room in the home

(Google Search Trends)

Google search trends for the home improvement industry indicate that in the last twelve months, kitchen remodeling has increased by 23%.

3) 76% of homeowners aren't traveling in 2021

(U.S Census Bureau)

This statistic revealed that many people in the US aren't planning on traveling this year.

This leaves more time for DIY projects for homeowners and time to build consumer confidence in brands that deal with the construction industry, disaster repairs, system upgrades, and remodeling.

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