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12 Snow and Ice Preparedness Tips for Commercial Property Managers (Asset Mgmt Alliance)

1.Create a Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention plan.

2. Set up and/or review snow removal contracts and assure you have adequate protection.

3. Have a plan in place to keep sidewalks and parking lots free of ice and snow accumulations.

4. Be prepared: stockpile now for ice with salt, ice melt and shovels.

5. Get all snow blowers, plows and shovels ready for use.

6. Assess all exterior lighting to ensure it is illuminating all walkways properly

7. Examine all downspouts and roofs for proper drainage.

8.Eliminate water drainage across key walking areas from downspouts and roofs.

9. Plan to control wet walking surfaces inside and out with appropriate mats and warning signs.

10. Create a weather emergency plan – assemble flashlights, batteries, emergency weather radio and an emergency contact list.

11. Create a plan for loss of power, including considerations for maintaining heat and preventing frozen pipes. Establish safe equipment shut down procedures

12. Fully test and service generators to ensure they are ready for use.

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