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5 Ways Bathroom Renovation Can Benefit You

While doing renovations, homeowners overlook how remodelling their bathroom can help give their homes a complete facelift.

A recent Bathroom Renovation Project by CG Custom Creations
A recent Bathroom Renovation Project by CG Custom Creations

An outdated or neglected bathroom can pose a health risk for you and your loved ones. Worse still, it can hinder prospective buyers from purchasing your home if you have listed it for sale. Even when you aren’t necessarily planning to sell your home, having your bathroom renovated can benefit you in the long-run. From boosting your home’s value and outlook to saving you money, bathroom remodeling can benefit you a great deal. Below are 5 ways bathroom renovation can benefit you.

1. It Enhances Your Home’s Value 

According to real estate experts, simple bathroom remodeling can increase a home’s sale price. There are several methods you can use to determine the value of your home after doing a bathroom renovation. Tools such as this will help you realize the significant value that a bathroom remodeling project can add to the entire home. A simple renovation entails replacing the tub, toilet, vanity, fixtures, tile surround and sink. Another part of remodeling includes giving the walls of the bathroom a new coat of paint. While renovating, consider today’s trends and choose one that will add value to your bathroom and entire home for years to come.

2. Saves You Money

Like with any home renovation project, remodeling your bathroom can save you a considerable amount of money in the long-run. Once you replace leaking faucets with new ones, you will lower your water bills over time. Similarly, installing a water heater will make your bathroom efficient hence, saving on high energy costs. Replacing your old toilet with a classic water-efficient type will further help cut on your bills.

3. It Gives You Additional Storage Space

Most homeowners store plenty of stuff in their bathrooms, ranging from skin care, hair and dental products and hand wash. There are several other items that homeowners keep in their bathrooms that can be stored elsewhere. All these items and products can occupy significant storage space, leaving the bathroom congested and cluttered as well. Renovating your bathroom will not just help you get rid of this clutter. It will create additional storage space in your bathroom also. While carrying out your renovation, for instance, you can consider adding an extra storage cabinet or two to your bathroom. Luckily, there are several storage options to select from, notwithstanding the size of your bathroom. For small bathrooms, the perfect storage option is shelving since it leaves a lot of floor space hence, making it to appear large. If you have a mid-sized and large bathroom, freestanding cabinets can be excellent storage options. Whatever storage option you select while remodelling your bathroom, always ensure it adds as much space as possible. Also, note that home buyers prefer bathrooms with plenty of storage space, so ensure you address this issue when renovating.

4. It Makes Your Bathroom a Peaceful Oasis 

An outdated bathroom is messy and looks disorganised at its best. Performing everyday cleaning activities in an old bathroom can be stressful. An unattractive bathroom space that has substandard and old fixtures can be truly stressing. But, renovating such an old-fashioned bathroom can change it for the better. Overly, a renovation will turn the out-of-date space into a peaceful oasis where you can look forward to performing your day-to-day cleaning activities in it. Upon renovation, you can relax in a new and comfortable bathtub. The renovation also enables you to select textures and colors that are likely to help you soothe away stress and relax in a peaceful atmosphere.

5. Helps Make the Bathroom Eco-friendly

With a proper bathroom renovation, you can replace the outmoded fixtures with energy-efficient types. If you have an old porcelain sink, for instance, you can reclaim and repurpose it thus, saving the older one from ending up in a landfill where it will contribute to harming the environment. All this will become a possibility once you transform your old bathroom into an eco-friendly hub.


Bathroom renovations can bring you many other benefits apart from the ones covered here. To realize these positive outcomes, embark on a bathroom renovation project and transform your old one and reap the benefits.

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