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3 Reasons to Finish or Remodel Your Basement

An unfinished basement can be an untapped resource and when finished, it increases your home’s value. If your basement is not living up to its potential here are a few good reasons to consider finishing it or updating it through a remodel.

Enhance Comfort

The first thing most people think of when they talk about comfort is having more space. This might include open spaces or specialized areas in your home.

For example, instead of going to the gym or theater, your basement remodel could include a:

• Home Theater

• Home Gym

• Family Recreation Room

• Full Kitchen or Wet Bar

• Wine Cellar

• Children’s Playroom


Extending your living space may be needed for more than comfort. Perhaps your family has grown since you bought your home. Your basement is the most cost-effective place for a renovation to increase everyday living space.

Here are some ideas to enhance your home’s function through a finished or remodeled basement:

• Guest Suite or In-Law Apartment

• Home Office

• Organized Storage Space

• Extra Bedrooms

Market Value

A finished basement increases the square footage of your living space, increasing the value of your home at much less expense than constructing an addition. A basement remodel is one of the easiest expenditures to recoup when you decide to sell your home. By remodeling your basement you make your home stand out in the market. And even if you’re not selling, you’ve increased your property’s value for the future.

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